Midweek plays well known songs and instrumentals with a gentle swinging groove and more than a hint of jazz.

We have been well received by ‘listening’ audiences, but feel that our sound is particularly suitable for entertainment at social functions where some people like to listen and some like to chat. Our repertoire includes standards such as Summertime and Black Orpheus, as well as more recent numbers such as California Dreamin’ and I Heard It Through The Grapevine. We vary the format and offer musical surprises occasionally, but most numbers include vocals interspersed with tenor sax, piano and guitar solos, supported by bass guitar and drums.

Midweek originated from Jazz Workshops in Leamington Spa, which started in 2009. Since then we have played gigs in locations such as pub, club, restaurant, community hall, private party and outdoor music events. We are continuing to develop our performance skills to play the type of easy listening and jazz sounds that we hope an audience will enjoy hearing as much as we enjoy playing!
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